Holy Spirit

St ESPRIT (John+ Paul + Jesus = ELIE) = LE (s) Comforter (s) 1 John 5: 7


Howbeit IS spirit! it is the spirit of truth called "ELIE" that has received Christ at his baptism BY JEAN. That is why the scriptures testify when the Jews sought to Jean Baptist: "Art thou the Christ ELIE the prophet???"
Elie Jean Baptist = -------- ---------- Jesus Christ = The prophet = ==== Paul Le (s) Comforter (SPIRIT of Truth / ELIE) = THE 3 together in 1 !

All was animated ELIE. because ELIE is spirit! and they were men, even Jesus!
Comforter = MAN (s)

Jesus Christ BECAME "SPIRIT" invigorating (Son of God as ELIE) THAT when he ascended to heaven to climb high to be at the Father's right until there comes THE FIN.Mais before he given "the gospel to Paul" in Damascus because it is Paul who is the source of almost all the New Testament:

Marc (jean called in Acts) and Luke were his disciples. And WITHOUT PAUL: no written as WE know it! thank you to Paul for his devotion.
But attention to the "LETTER" because not all come from Paul, as is said:
"We beseech you, brethren, not to be quickly shaken in your mind, or not to be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, or by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. "2 Thass. 2: 1
PAUL AND by itself:
"Who also hath made us able ministers of a new covenant, NO LETTER, but of the spirit: for the letter kills, but the spirit giveth life."
2 Corint.3: 6
Only Jean (the real Beloved Disciples of Christ) and Matthew (not written one of his apostles according to sources) are not directly related to the gospel of Paul.
The St ESPRIT (another comforter that comes from the Father) IS WITH MEASURE given by FAITH ... AND the ability to EVERYONE UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW teaching and WARNINGS Warning by the disciples and Christ's sheep.
THE COMFORTER (the other) is the Spirit of Truth, he presents AND OCCURS by the work of the Prophets (called MEN) from God in one moment of their lives.
If "church" was THE SPIRIT St, why for 2000 years, the world is full of mistakes, wars, false doctrines ... divisions within the Catholic Church and branches "Christian" as was known the Roman Catholic church with the inquisition, the Templars wars and the millennial reign of the Vatican?
HERE is here TIME revelations by the "SON" the MAN "ELIE".
JEAN SUR Jesus in John 5:35:
"John was a burning and shining, and you were willing to rejoice in SA LIGHT." SA = LIGHT.
Sorry to disappoint JEWISH-Christians but also JEAN was a light coming WORLDWIDE and it is Christ himself who confirmed LE by the verse that I give above and invite to look up the word "LUIRE" in 1 dictionary, word that Jesus past employment ". He was the lamp that burns wHICH shines"
In terms of John the Baptist, Jesus said it well:
"What did you go out to see a prophet? Yes, I tell you, AND MORE ONE prophet?". Mat.1: 9
Know that John was filled with the spirit St IN THE BELLY his mother and God, while his two relatives were no longer of childbearing age, so BIRTH OF JEAN IS LARGER THAN THE CHRIST.
While Jesus was a virgin and his mother could give birth in her womb. And that's why John ALSO SAID about Jesus:
"He must increase and I THAN ME DECREASED".
YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF JEAN AND MIND THAT THE animated, for the spirit that animated him was THAT OF ELIE, spirit rose from JEAN Jesus Christ! and this is why Jesus asked her baptism!
Jesus became the LIGHT thereafter, thanks to John who gave him the SPIRIT of ELIE baptism.
BEFORE Jesus baptism had NO MIRACLE. It is by the POWER of the SPIRIT ELIE that this was done.
The three are one single Spirit in the writings:
Jean ELIE = - = Jesus Christ and the Prophet Paul =
"For there are three that bear witness:
Spirit (ELIE), water (JEAN) and blood (Jesus), and the three are in agreement. "
1 John 5: 7
In the video, these two comforters will be sent to the disciples differently according to the Scriptures, according AND THE PROMISE of Jesus Christ, according to the will of the Father.
And if you look carefully, Jesus confirms that "EC Comforter" will come differently and at different times, as John the Baptist confirmed that HE N''EST ELIE POINT BEFORE THE BAPTISM! .... And will come FOR IT TIME confirmed by Christ:
"ELIJAH WILL COME AND firstly RETBLIRA all things"
Mark 9:12
AND were made that MANY WORKS DO NOT INCLUDE without the help of St ESPRIT.

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