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ABBA Father Revelation of the Kingdom on High for children in Netherlands.


There are some years when I opened the Bible (sometimes), I opened always to THAT THE NEW ALLIANCE (New Testament) and each time I fell on verses SAME AND CHAPTERS (Luke Matthew-Marc- Jean) which are pRIMARILY in this video and that touched me deep inside me without really knowing why. It took me years to FINALLY I know why.

BE ONE who saved is the one who believes in Christ MACHIAH = = SENT, but also INCLUDES and / or APPLY Word from above, not only literally, but with MIND.

Many "sick" refuse this remedy, others go to false teachers or taking doses of this "cure" to excess, making them well + patients than those who have never been, and end up showing the the healthy finger or other patients without it really knows why.
The answer is in The New Covenant Bible in our hearts, in us and around us.

Yahweh יהוה Lord is not the true God! The snake part 2/2



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All religions are filled with lies and false doctrines like the Catholic Church, the TMJ as Islam. Jesus is not God FATHER! but rather his Son and just understand the parables and scriptures for it.

Jesus spoke in parables already, otherwise the Gospels would never have emerged in his time, he would have driven out of Jerusalem and the temple as a heretic and have never been able to complete its mission. In the Gospels, he clearly announces HIS MOUTH in DISH he is the SON sent from God
"Finally, he (God) sent to them his son, saying: They will reverence my son But when the tenants saw the son, they said among themselves. This is the heir: come, let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance. "
(Matt. 21.37 parable as Luke and Mark 20.9 12.1)
GOOD LOOKING GOOD CONTINUATION and ALL! to receive eternal life IN TRUTH, the resurrection ... THE LAST DAY

WHO is ABBA? + You're looking for the truth + you through Jesus Christ alone!


Luke 6:44: "We do not gather figs from thorns, we do not gather grapes of thorns."
Signs of the Cross by BLOG 1 (with Catholic apparitions of Mary etc.): http: // ...
1 Corinthians 1: 18: "The preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who have being saved it is the power of God."
... SO AS PAUL: The cross is foolishness to them that perish! BUT also a god of power ... POWER aberrations ..

"God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, that all who have not believed the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 2 Thessalonians 2: 11
WORLD BLIND or DEAF? FATHER guide those that LOVE IN TRUTH ... BUT OTHERS WILL astray ... and THEY POINT escape JUDGMENT FIRE! other Throws OUT!
because they preferred "LISTEN" SPIRIT of the ERROR THAT LETTER KILLS ... ... rather listen to their hearts WHO IS THE TRUE FAITH!
... And they preferred to listen AN OLD ALLIANCE despite WARNINGS! and SAIL THEIR HEARTS instead of "Show" and "BELIEVE" THE SPIRIT of Truth revealed in The New Covenant of Jesus Christ!
When we're sick , then we must take the Remedy with MEASUREMENT, and GOOD DOSAGE ! ... Otherwise under penalty of being SICK AGAIN +!
NO REMEDY IS NECESSARY WHEN LAYING 1 WELL, that's why some have no belief needs, THE TRUE FAITH IN THEIR HEARTS sun ENOUGH, and these sheep is not BAD and listen SHEPHERDS WOLVES in THIS WORLD!
It's AWARD for have NOT TAKE BREAD Father account and as it should be, preferring to get drunk advantage VINEGAR:
That is why it is said: THAT EXCESS TABLE WILL hate the Father, because  their WORKS ARE BAD.
To cast out demons, we need to be fast! (Those who can understand, understand!)
RELIGIONS = DEATH (Acts - Letters - indifferent - despicable - jealous - hate - proud - asocial - misanthrope ... etc)
LIFE = Jesus Christ and the racks PROPERTY (Faith - soft - loyal - honest - sincere - Sociable - altruistic - philanthropist ... etc)
God does not condamn, but THEY CONDAMN THEMSELVES.

יהוה the LORD JEHOVAH is not the true God! BUT ABBA Part 1/2


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GOOD LOOKING GOOD CONTINUATION and ALL! to receive eternal life IN TRUTH, the resurrection ... THE LAST DAY.
Be aware if you enter in  the Church of Yahweh-Jehovah-Allah (mosque) you become a slave and do not leave unscathed!
Why Christ was crucified by elected ITS PEOPLE (Jews) the LORD GOD?
SATAN = YHVH (or YHWH) as YHWH Adonai (Lord-Lord) eternal Elohim El Shaddai El-Elion El-Olam Jehovah El-Hai ...

The same Satan who represent the Muslims in the name of Allah, the merciful God Even with Islam!
It also gives titles like ALMIGHTY - JEALOUS - PROUD - LARGE - TRES SAINT ...
HOWEVER WELL Jesus tells us: God = Father (Abba) also TRUE Adonay (Adonai = lord) the Most High
The blindness of the Lord, who never blames Satan to works of evil, but always and constantly blames his (supposedly) own creatures! By Satan against Jesus denounces well several times and teach men love and forgiveness, the opposite of the God of the Jews Yavhé that drove men to genocide, hatred in his name in the Torah of Judaism (Old Testament) .
The name of YHVH or YHWH was injected into the Old Testament text by the Pharisees and others who practiced the Babylonian Satanism (precursor of Kabbalah and Talmudism). An agreement was reached between the Jewish Masoretes and the Catholic Church in 1000 to change the name of God in the Old Testament in Hebrew by the pagan name of Yahweh / Jehovah through the tétragramme Y W H H.
The foundation of the Kabala is identical to Satanism: it is the reversal of roles of God and Satan. This is the continuation of cult hidden (occult) knowledge that achieve authority as God, inviting the names we call God.
(Eg the jeans of Apocalypse is a book of the Kabbalah with numbers and hidden characters)
Yet Yeshua said: "I and the Father are one." (John 10:30), it has simplified the matter by showing how we address God:
"If you want to pray, address your prayer: Our Father in heaven ..."
"Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Throughout the New Testament, He never gave us a name as Jehovah, El Shaddai, Elohim, Yahweh.
Which of the Apostles invoked such names?
Some quotes from the Talmud which is the basis of lessons in Judaism Jews:
Yebamoth 49b: "Jesus was a bastard born in adultery."
Shabbat 104b "Jesus was a magician and a fool Mary was an adulteress.."
Sanhedrin 43a: "Jesus was guilty of witchcraft and apostasy, he deserved execution Jesus' disciples deserve to be killed.."
Gittin 56b: "Jesus was sent to Hell, where he is punished in boiling excrement for mocking the rabbis."
Those authors such blasphemies can not claim to know God
A glance shows differences between the scriptures fictitious names to be those of God in Hebrew and Yiddish.
There is undoubtedly a deliberate attempt to make us believe in the fake.
Throughout the Old Testament the Jewish version Masoretic, YHWH, Yahweh, JEHOVAH are represented by the same word יהוה and God אֱלֹהִים or הָאֱלֹהִים. All these God's names are written differently in Yiddish, the language of the Jews, why?
This is explained in Rosenthal Confession of a Zionist Jew, saying:
"We are amazed by the stupidity of Christians who receive our teachings and who propagate as their own."
Judaism, Jews do believe they know the name of God and that it is a secret knowledge that we can not have that if one engages in the Kabbalah (Kabbalah).
Freemasonry uses this ploy.
Catholic Churches teach the Jewish doctrine.
Jews have many other names for Satan openly that they use.
Satan is the author of confusion and many names.
Satan dedicates a hatred for the "Lord" Jesus the word of the true God who opposes their power over men. They welcome in putting him to death, still believing him being a charlatan, a false messiah contrary to the expectations of their "holy" scriptures and especially CONTRARY TO THE COMMANDMENTS OF YAHWEH, such as stoning, hatred, persecution. ..etc.
Paul was a devoted servant of the law of Moses, and repented of Judaism. The word is mightier than the sword, even if the sword remains stronger than the pen.


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