The Book of Eli

 Light DuDIVIN 

Montage Character (audio-video) of a movie trailer THE BOOK OF ELI final scene where ELI has his last prayer to the Lord and audio-video clips
France The country of final Deliverance, where "Eliyahu Hanavi" will go to a non-Jewish widow. He will proclaim LIGHT will come from the sky. I am "the" ELIE, and I take EPEE Truth before the END ... Link to "Eliyahu Hanavi": http: // ...

Jean Baptiste was and IS the "SON" of [The Man "ELIE"] GOD SON



John the Baptist (man), the advent FUTURE "The SON of MAN" for the FINAL JUDGMENT TO COME.
The baptism of repentance today WATER IS KNOWLEDGE and acceptance From true God "Abba" Father.
AND FOLLOW THE SON of MAN THAT CHRIST has spoken! ... For GOOD "hearers" that he who has ears to hear ....

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