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Some know the truth about the real reason for the coming of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Why the Jews hated Jesus? calling him a false prophet of the false messiah. SEE Deuteronomy 18: 20ET 9:22 p.m..
In the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, a discovery knights did not know what to do at first: It was tattered fragments of Hebrew writings whose contents were handed over to the scholar Stephen Harding who made the translation.

The written fragments found themselves to be the fragments of reports of "eschaimins" Jews (spies) who, commissioned by the clergy out warrants the actions of the "cursed Mamzer (son of p ...)

JESUS ​​"and" blasphemy against the God of Israel. "What you could read was in complete contradiction to the teaching preached. Jesus Christ had symphonically treated the Hebrew God" Jahwe "named Satan and criticized Jews have done their unique God devil (see JAH Psalms 116: 19) to clear traces are, among others, still today in the New Testament Gospel of John where Jesus says to the temple of the Pharisees. " you Father for the devil "(John 8:44).

Try to imagine the shock they suffered. The God that the Church designated as "Father of Christ" was using the same words of Jesus, the devil that he had come to fight on Earth, Lucifer Jews who took Father to "eternal".
Studies of the Bible quickly put in evidence that the teaching of Jesus and the so-called "Old Testament" were at opposite poles and had nothing to do with each other. Moreover, the Jews never called God named "Father" (Abba in Aramaic), but the name "YAHWEH" (YHWH) = JAH / JEHOVAH and "El Shaddai" was read Scheitan "fallen angel"! Schaddeim = disqualification. the Etern-EL ELhoïm the Jews which means god (s) plural, then GOD IS "EL" (singular).

Year 1128, the small group of Templars already had a secret: You have to see this desire that wanted only to serve their Lord Jesus Christ and find his true teaching. No aggressiveness lived them, they blamed the harm.
It was Bernard of Clairvaux who made them understand that their ambitions would not be paid for love in return and it would be wise not to express openly what they thought.

2 Templars discovered an old hiding place of the followers of Marcion in what was left of the ruins of the old Carthage. They found the original writings fragments of John and Matthew, writing "Ilu Aschera" on the teaching of Jesus Christ, but also an old text written including a creed of a Greek translation (Coptic) Gospel Jean (copy Apocalypse), because the gospel is not signed by an unknown artist. Marcion taught that Christ was God incarnate (similar but not "God" so wrong!) And could well have written this gospel under the signature of "John".
Yet Paul (TRUE comforter of Christ) 50 years ago (before Marcion), in his letters, said not take NO gospel announced by one angel, under penalty of being cursed.

The 4 Gospels (Luke - Marc matthew and jeans) dated between AD 70 and 150, have come after those of Paul (45 to 75) who was truly the first apostle leaving writings about Christ and enjoyed most of the apostles and disciples of the New Testament he formed.
Moses recognized by Muslims, being of the same lineage as the son of Abraham Issac and Ishmael, close contact with Islam becomes clear: the same laws. Jesus announced to men that did not require any religious organization vis-a-vis God.

The Templars wanted then remove the Church Roman Judeo-Christian and erect in its place a community of faith worthy of one of the first disciples of Christ, excluding any that belonged to the Old Testament and false Catholic doctrines (trinity).
Then 1 "order in order" developed: 1 title came in high places, transmitted by Masonic circles, because the (true) Templars who refused to take part in the "crusade" vis-à-vis the Cathars.
The Catholic Church would proceed with the destruction of the Templars with false accusations. There are today no more Templars. The Masonic lodges (then "temple") submitted to the VATICAN worshiper of Lucifer and Baphomet.

Provencal and Germans formed one group "Knights Templar." One of the most important branches of the Illuminati in Germany was that of the ROSE-CROSS, mystical introduced by Emperor Charlemagne in the early 9th century, well before 1776 those of Bavaria. The Templars are the "marcioniste cross" - the cross with thorns - the symbol of the Templars, Freemasons of Gothic cathedrals.
Jesus: "CEUILLE-T-ON GRAPES of thorns?"

WHY the REFUSE Jewish Jesus as the Messiah? 2 goats Moses


Jesus came détrourner "the sacrifice of Aaron and Moses YAHWEH" to the cross, he came and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION! loool well done!
WELL DONE TO ALL THESE RELIGIOUS idolaters! God is great "ABBBA" Father! SINGLE the creator of this world of nutters!
GLORY PAPA! ... MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN ...! (Not on earth!) Lol

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