Apocalypse of Paul

17 [The Apocalypse of Pau] l
(Lines 20-29 are missing) 18 (lines 1 and 2 are missing) and the way [he addressed him] and said, "[By what] Channel 5 [I go up] to Jer [Jerusalem]? "
In the small [child answered and said,] "Say your name to [I] you [make known] the way. "[The child] knew [who was] Pa [ul]. 10 He wanted [to go] to him by his words in [order] to find the oppor [sion of] talk with him.
The child answered and said, "I know who you are 15, Paul, you're the one who has been blessed in the womb of his mother. Since I [saw] that you were [up to Jerusalem] to your Companions [NONS apostles], 20 because of that [I was sent to you]. I am Es [took that stays with] you. . . . . . [] (Lines 24-33 are missing)
19 For [. . . . . . . . . . . ]. . [. . . . ]. . [. . . . ]. [. . . ]. . [. . ] all that . [. ] Among the principalities [and] these authorities - Archangels and Powers - 5 and all the [troop] Demons [. . . ]. whoever model body to the seed of soul. "
And after he had finished his speech, he said to me: 10 "Awaken your mind, Paul, and see: this mountain upon which you walk, it is the mountain of Jericho! That you know the hidden things in those manifestos! 15 and unto the twelve apostles that you shall go; it is, in fact, elected spirits, and they greet you. "
He looked up, he saw the 20 they saluted him. Then [the Spirit Sai] nt who spoke with her charms to [up] to the third heaven and he passed beyond to the fourth 25 [Sky].
Es [took Saint] spoke to him and said, "Look and see your likeness on earth. "
And re [kept] 30 down, he saw those [who were on] the earth. He looked [] those [] the [] 20 [He looked. . . . . . . . . and he] saw the Twelve Apostles [to] the right [and] to his left in the creation; and the Spirit 5marchait before them.
And I saw in the fourth heaven {} angels taking the soul out of the ground 10 of the dead. They placed fourth at the door of heaven; and the angels were whipping.
The soul answered and said, "What have I sinned 15 in the world? "
The Customs officer who sits in the fourth heaven replied and said, "You should not do all these inequities are the world 20 dead. "
The soul answered and said, "Produce witnesses, they [inform you] body against what I have done wickedly. "
"[I want to] bring a book 25 [to play there]. "
And the three witnesses came. The first took [the word] and said, "[Is it] is not I who have been in the body for the second time 30 [. . . . ]? I stood against you 21 until [thou wert (full)] anger, wrath and jealousy. "
And the second spoke and [said]: "Do not I who was 5 in the world? And I entered the fifth time, and I saw you, I have desired. And here now I accuse you because of the murders you have committed. "
10 another company turned the floor and said, "Did not I who have come to you at the twelfth hour of the day, when the sun was going down? I gave you darkness until you had completed your sins. "
15 When the soul heard these things, she looked down, saddened; and then she looked up; she was thrown down; the soul, when she had been thrown down, 20 [went] into a body that was prepared [for her]. And here, the case was tried.
[And I] looked up and I [am Es] took saying: 25 "Paul, come, [I am]. "
And me, as I m [archais], the door opened, [and] I went to the fifth [Sky]. And I saw my fellow [APO] very 30 m [Archant with me], 22 the Spirit walking with us.
And I saw a Great Angel in the fifth heaven holding an iron rod in his hand 5, three other angels were with him; and I looked at their faces.
And they quarreled among themselves, whips being in their hands, goading these 10 souls to the punishment. And I was walking with the Spirit and the door opened for me.
Then we ascended to the sixth heaven. And I saw my fellow apostles 15 walking with me; and the Holy Spirit took me in front of them. And I looked up, I saw a great light illuminating downwards in the sixth heaven.
I spoke 20 and told the Customs officer that was in the sixth heaven "[Oeuvre-] me! "And the Spirit [Saint was] efore [me]. He [me] opened [and went up] in seventh heaven.
25 [I am] a former []. the light [ ] . . White . . . [. ]. in the seventh heaven, [he] luminant [September] 30 times more than the sun.
23 The Old answered and [me] said, "Where are you going to go, Paul, blessed and set apart from the womb? "
5 And I looked towards the Spirit and he was nodding, saying: "Tell him! "And I answered and said to the former:" I intend to go to the place 10 where I came out. "
And the Old replied, "Where are you? "
I also replied, saying, "I'm going down to the underworld to do 15 captivity captive, which was made captive in the Babylonian captivity. "
The Old answered me and said, "How you'll be 20 escape? Look and see the principalities and the authorities! "
The Spirit answered and said, "Give him the sign that you hold and [he] 25 open to you. "And then I [it] gave the sign. He turned his [face] down to its creat [ion] and those who are its authorities.
And [then] opened 30 <seventh> heaven and went up to 24 the Ogdoad. I saw the Twelve Apostles and they greeted me. And went up to the ninth heaven. 5 I greeted all those who were in the ninth heaven. And went up to the tenth heaven. And I greeted my fellow spirits.
10 The Apocalypse of Paul.


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