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End of the world: https: // V = T2U2 _...?
2012: Strange Thing 1000 times the Earth absorbs heat from the sun: https: // V = 8ulqs ...?
For once the new Pope John Paul 1 is honest! He is 65 years old, in good health and seems determined to put order in the house. He wants a poor Church for the poor. Extensive program! As soon as elected, he goes to work. The small cardinal cleared quickly reveals an effective pope who wants to quickly clean the Augean stables of the Vatican.

Digging, Pope falls quickly on the financial shenanigans of Marcinkus, Sindona and Calvi of: tax evasion, illegal movement of shares, various scams.
The pope quickly became convinced that he must replace Marcinkus, the corrupt bishop, Cody, Cardinal of Chicago, get rid of the rotten financial and cut ties with many banks owned by the Vatican or of which he is a shareholder. The Pope discovers the famous list P2 and realizes that the entire Italian state but especially the Vatican infiltrated by Masons P 2. The Pope then resolves to dismiss all members of the Vatican affiliated with the P 2.
That's a lot of people! Everywhere, in different countries, discovering the inflexible nature of the pope and determination, many people get scared. If the Pope applies its program, Marcinkus, Cody, Calvi, Sindonna, Gelli and others will go from being wealthy businessmen to the detainees and for a long time.

September 29, 1978:
One or more people threatened by the firm resolutions of the new pope make a decision: there is only one solution to the problem: get rid of the Pope, gently if possible. With the support of Gelli, the grand master of the P 2 they put their plan: access to these people, the Vatican is easy and the money is not lacking.
A small hand inserted a large dose of the drug in Digitaline the pope takes every night to increase its somewhat low voltage. After dinner, the Pope layer with in hands documents on the new changes he wanted to make (Some appointments to the Roman Curia and the Italian bishops) and the famous list P2. Around 23h, the poison is indeed the Pope does not feel right, took nausea, he gets up and vomits in the toilet by smearing his shoes. It sounds to no avail. He lies down, rebuke documents, falls unconscious and eventually died around 2am. (PONTIFICATE: 1 MONTH!)
At 4:30 am, the sister Vicenza discovered. Secretary of State Villot is warned.
At 7 am, in the Vatican courtyard, a guard crosses Marcinkus who lives outside the Vatican and has the reputation of getting up late. At 7:30 Villot officially announced the news. From there, the Vatican pours lies dumpers to hide the truth: The Pope had poor health, we can not do an autopsy ... The papal apartments are meticulously cleaned and all the personal items of Pope disappear.
We hurry to embalm the deceased forbidden to take anything: a drop of blood or something on the corpse. All supporters of the pope realize that all projects would materialize fall into the water.
To silence the questions and the assassination rumors that how to run, the Vatican is organizing an urgent conclave to elect a new pope and a diversion for the media which repeat loop the Vatican lies.

October 16, 1978 (John Paul II)
Cardinal Wojtyla (who in his youth had worked in a chemical factory in Solvay I.G. Farben Borek Falecki, which manufactured the Zyclon B used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews) was elected pope. Gone is the honest pope! With John Paul II, business, shenanigans and other tricks will continue. Gelli, P 2 Calvie, Sindonna, Marcinkus, Cody and all the other bad apples are relieved: they do not go to jail and the party continues ... (PONTIFICATE: + 26 YEARS)

After the separation of the state in 1905 and the first world war, it is the beginning of the business and assets of the Vatican during the crisis of 1929. This will be the beginning of the Vatican's interest in "Business" often dubious occult whose investments in banking sector (Rothschild), attendance of leaders of cartels Italian then global drugs, buying weapons factory, manufacturing contraceptives, arms trafficking ...


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