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Biblical ERRORS? Quite the contrary! Search!


"These mistakes" or "contradictions" Bible have intentional meaning, contrary to what the Muslims.
PAUL says: The letter kills, but the Spirit Invigorates. Well ... Explanations in 3 examples. Many hounds to be blind with the scriptures, instead of seeking the truth and errors yet well highlighted! SEARCH said Jesus, for he who loves following his word!
I advise you to "search" as Christ called, although he says "nothing is hidden" because everything is said in "your" BIBLE.
Christ said "do not be of the world" yet he says well THAT GOD SO loved THE WORLD! look again.

Jesus Christ said ITS MOUTH: "Abba Father" see MARC 2:36 p.m. - Galatians 4: 6 and Romans 8:15. SO ANY YHWH is quoted in the Gospel of THE NEW ALLAINCE who COMES THE TRUE AND ONLY ONE GOD, but it is written and as ABBA Father = = Lord ADONAY.
But given the traffic records which were made by the scribes and of having transformed THE ADONAY Jewish Pharisees "ETERNAL-Lord" by GOD HIS SON ORDERED has called us to His Father "Abba Father." Our Father in heaven .... the name of MY Father ST.
If Jesus ROMPE bread on the eve of his death during the Last Supper (not Easter) is to teach his disciples to "break the manna of their fathers" (ie symbolically and Moses the Old Covenant) and the bread will be OUR DAILY bREAD, as it says in Prayer of "OUR Father." EC and NEW WINE SA will be the NEW COVENANT pact: "NO MAN COMETH the Father by AS ME" John 14: 6.
If you look at one single video of my chain, but do not look the other videos, so it is not surprising that you will not understand this video! Christ said to "Search".
Now regarding TRANSLATION:
Be aware that the original New Testament translations are also IN CODEX (canonized Gospels) that you found online (Codes Sinaiticus, Codes Vaticanus, Codex Bezae ...) and these gospels were written mostly in Greek COPTE (former ) then rewritten and translated on papyrus LATIN. Very few in Aramaic (usual language of Jesus Christ), so there will always be differences and "problems" of translations, because the Greek alphabet has 24 letters, 26 letters the Latin alphabet as the French .. .etc 22 and Aramaic letters as Hebrew.
Because vulgates (and Septuagint) that some quotes me to discredit my work, these vulgates: OLD ALLIANCE + = Torah Tanakh + New Testament Gospels are not just a translation of difference between the languages ​​of different alphabet that I have cited above and Latin Gospels rewritten the Coptic versions and vice versa. BUT THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS official and are well GREEK COPTE of CODEX.
AND YOU WILL NOT FIND not YHWH in the New Covenant, but "Lord Kyrios = = = Adon'AY ... ABBA Father and that will result in half, because this is the importance of this fact on the" name " God: Abba, Father.
UAE as it is written in Genesis 1: SPIRIT of God moved upon the waters! while THE DARKNESS were on the ABYSS = Earth. This is why Christ said, always accompanied by the Father:
"MY Father ... WHICH IS IN HEAVEN!" So he who was over the waters! So in heaven could not be THAT bassinet that is on Earth = THE Mountains (or caves).
Terre = Spirit of Error
Skies + Water = = Baptism Spirit of Truth!
You can also compare the original writings of the Old Testament with the Jerusalem Bible or the Jewish site where you will find the original translations of the Old Testament in Hebrew and French (Old Covenant) and says that "Jehovah" is translated by the Tetragrammaton YHWH (Yahweh), we will find in the gospel of ANY NEW ALLIANCE.
You can also compare the different translations of the bible (L.Segond- K.James - Darby - Martin ...) at:
Know that God in Hebrews is not "ELHOIM" but "EL" !!!! ( Oh yes )
EL = GOD (singular) but ELHOIM = GODS! ( in the plural )
SEARCH STILL why DIEU'x "in the plural in the writings? For it is written" MAKE THE MAN in our image. "
CHRIST AS WELL confirms that the Father IS THE ONLY GOD, unique and LIFE EVERLASTING is to know LE (see John 17: 3), because it confirms IN CHAPTER 8 OF JEAN:
and "Me I" say "that" I SAW "from MY Father, but you" do "what you have" heard "from" YOUR "Father.

QURAN or BIBLE? Laws of Moses on Murder in the Old Testament


Small passage reviewing verses call the killings of the OT (Old Testament) of the Bible (Torah and Tanak) HEUuuuuuuu Jews ... ... Judeo-Christians rather. Poor Jesus! NOBODY listens to you! even me ! but I prefer it as hypocrisy.
Ps: 1 Christian Judas Judaised by Jehovah God of the Jews ... it should be BANNED! They are ignorant, stupid or hypocritical?
SOME SELF-CRITICISM towards LETTER for THOSE who have discernment:
Point 1: What is strange though is that the dead body of Moses was taken by Satan in the Book of Jude, just before the book Apocalypse. And the angel of God rebuked Michael and let him.

2nd point: Moses appeared on the mountain with ELIE and Jesus Christ according to the writings of the apostles, Christ has NEVER but confirmed it was WELL Moses! For me it was ELIE the prophet and the other was ENOCH. WHY ? because those are the only 2 that have been taken to heaven (like Christ) and ELIJAH ENOCH, these 2 have never seen death. moses NOT!
How is it that Moses is it then appeared that the resurrection is still not yet arrived? writings confirm that Jesus is the first born back from the dead, so that's wrong then? since they saw Moses on this mountain before Jesus died on the cross!
This is contradictory since I concluded that Moses returned from the dead before Jesus dies on the cross, according to this story appeared on this mountain is illogical!
3rd point: why God gave the law to Moses in writing as Christ has brought him THE WORD without written!
and Christ told his disciples SEARCH truth, so for us to SEE and make THE DIFFERENCE between what comes of his word and what does not from God, it will call FAITH my friends!
And Moses gave the law as children like, "You should not kill you not fly ..." as if no one knew the difference by ourselves between what is WRONG and what is GOOD! as to kill or not kill or steal or not steal!
Moses disobeyed the commands and orders holocausts, infanticide, submission, slaves etc ... and the Judeo-morons Mahomet to follow the NEWSLETTER and love with DEVOTION without knowing as Muslims do with their Islam!
I call it really a lack FAITH! and also criminal idolatry as saying PAUL because love murderers is a grave sin!
4th point: before receiving the laws you should not kill, it's still weird that God the eternal prefer the meat of dead animals Abel rather than the fruits of the Land of Cain! they have not reversed the roles in the writings ??? lol
especially that children caïen are artisans, artists so gifted talents as do children!
it is clear that the eternal God it is appropriate and stole the role of the line of Adam, it makes sense.
IN THE GARDEN of Eden (supposedly) it is said that the tree of knowledge is what brought the fruit of good and evil:
It's wrong !
since Eve disobeyed God so evil existed BEFORE! ..or is GOD created them IMPERFECT! + what logic!
I think it was created imperfect and the True God puts us to the test, leaves us in peace, but watches over us.
5th and final point (not negligible)
No one noticed that the sex of the man erect like a SNAKE ... which amounts? and such SPIT!

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